Accredited courses

The following institutions/course providers have applied for and been granted accreditation by OTTSA. The fully accredited and moderated courses are listed.

1. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT):
  • 1a. 60-hour online certification course.
  • 1b. 120-hour online certification course.
  • 1c. 50-hour online certification courses in teaching business English (CTBE).
  • 1d. 50-hour online certification courses in teaching English to young learners (CTEYL).
  • 1e. 250-hour online diploma course (DipTESOL).
  • 1f. 220-hour Master package course.
  • 1g. 470-hour Professional package course.
  • 1h. 120-hour combined certification course (online course plus in-class attendance).
  • 1i. 150-hour certification course with teaching practice (CTP).
2. XploreAsia:
  • 2a. XploreAsia 120-Hour In-Class TESOL.
3. MyTEFL:
  • 3a. 120-Hour Online Professional TEFL Course.
4. CultureRoute:
  • 4a. 120-Hour On-line TESOL Certification Course.
5. TESOL Coach Master by American Global Management Association, LLC:
  • 5a. 150 - Hour Online TESOL Course.
6. Promise Opens Doors
  • 6a. 60-hour TESOL/TEFL certificate course for online teaching.
7. TEFLMaster
  • 7a. 120 Hour Online TEFL Certification.
8. TESOL Professional Teachers Global Limited
  • 8a. 130 Hour Online TESOL Certification.


Should you require any further information regarding OTTSA or the courses it moderates, or wish to apply for OTTSA accreditation, please contact OTTSA via email at

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