OTTSA staff
OTTSA Key Personnel:
  • Simon Godwin
    Principal Moderator


    Following a successful career in industry around the UK, Simon has nearly 20 years' varied experience in the field of TEFL. He has worked as an EFL teacher in schools and businesses, and as the lead trainer for a well-respected TEFL course provider in Asia. Simon has a bachelor's degree and diploma in TESOL, with an ongoing interest in developments in language education.


  • Trevor Brindley
    Consultant Moderator


    Educated and brought up in Leeds, West Yorkshire (in the UK) in the late 50's early 60's, Trevor then went into primary education. Having experience of all primary age ranges in a variety of schools, he progressed through the ranks of deputy to headmaster of schools in North Yorkshire.


    Trevor has experience of youth work, has advised several governing bodies on educational leadership and has worked with Inspectors and advisors at both local and county council level. As a consultant he was then commissioned by Education Leeds to audit all staff of special schools and to report, summarizing the training and development needs of all personnel. This provided feedback to the authority as to their in-house skills and to their future training requirements.


    He has also considerable experience of work outside the realms of education, of a more practical nature. He has written and had published several mainstream articles and is author of a short novel.


    Trevor is a UK qualified teacher, has a Masters degree in Education, (1985 Leeds University) and an advanced diploma in education. Trevor is TESOL/TEFL qualified and has over thirty years of teaching experience in both the UK and abroad.

The Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency was set up as a result of the educational experiences of online training programs undertaken by our two founding members, who have over 60 years of teaching and training experience between them.

OTTSA is dedicated to providing online TESOL and TEFL course participants with accurate and reliable information regarding the quality of courses provided by the institutions they moderate.

The moderation and accreditation process is outlined in the "Accreditation process" section of this website, but to summarise those procedures, OTTSA require all participating course providers to submit an application document initially.

This detailed document provides OTTSA with information about:

  • 1. The structure and content of the course.
  • 2. The course tutors qualifications and experience.
  • 3. The grading and certification procedures for the course.
  • 4. Detailed samples of trainees marked work.
  • 5. Detailed samples of trainee tutor interaction.

On approval of the course documents and procedures an OTTSA moderator may need to make an onsite visit to talk with all personnel involved in providing the course (including tutors, the course director and administration staff) to provides the OTTSA head office with a more detailed assessment of the factors above.

Once a provider's course has received initial accreditation, they are then required to undergo moderation on a continuous basis, which involves sampling of trainees work and regular review by an OTTSA moderator.

All courses accredited by OTTSA have been through this procedure and as such have demonstrated that the course meets all required standards and that the course is dedicated to continual assessment and improvement through the OTTSA onsite moderation process.

Courses which do not meet our standards or fail to maintain their moderation procedures will not be accredited by OTTSA.

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